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Szopka Krakowska / Nativity Scene from Krakow

Szopka Krakowska / Nativity Scene from Krakow

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Unique “Szopka Krakowska” / “Crib” handmade in Krakow using cardboard, colourful foil papers, beads and sequins.

„Szopka Krakowska” is such a unique form of nativity scene originated in the XIX century in Kraków by carpenters and bricklayers who were looking for work during winter. They used to bring their nativity scenes to the main square and hopefully sell. Holy family is placed within Krakow's St. Mary Basilica with its recognisable spires, Wawel Castle, Sukiennice trade hall or other popular landmarks.

Bringing nativity scenes to the main square became a tradition and in 1937 the Szopka Krakowska competition has started. The first winner was a 39 year old bricklayer Stanisław Polak. Apart from the money, the prize included 5 strudels and 2 cakes from the local pastry shop.

Each year, on the first Thursday of December the crowds gather in the main square to see all nativity scenes and 3 days later jury announce the winner. The artwork remain in the Museum of History until the end of February of the following year.

We believe that “Szopka Krakowska” is not only for Christmas! It’s such a beautiful piece of art which looks great on your shelf through a whole year.


Small: 20 cm height, 11 cm length, 5 cm width

Large: 33 cm height, 18 cm length, 9 cm width

Extra Large: 70 cm, 33 cm length, 15 cm width 



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