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Woman and Man from Lowicz Papercut Ornament by Maria

Woman and Man from Lowicz Papercut Ornament by Maria

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We adore these original papercut figures presented in traditional folk costumes from Lowicz! Lowicz is a famous city for its colourful folklore traditions - embroidery, paper-cuts, pajaki and colourful, richly ornamented folk costumes. 

Each figure is an original double sided papercut. It will look beautiful on your Christmas tree or simply hanging on a wall. It can be used as gift tags as well. 

Each ornament is very unique and hand cut by Maria.

Please note, each figure comes in different colours so you will might receive a different colour scheme from the photo. Choose a type of figure from a dropdown menu.


Woman: 10 cm x 14 cm

Man: 6 cm x 17 cm 

Man Standing on Side: 7 cm x 17 cm



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