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Pająk with Round Flowers from Kurpie

Pająk with Round Flowers from Kurpie

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Folka is excited to present this beautiful pająk from Kurpie.

Pająk (pah-yonk), plural pająki (pah-yonk-ee) are traditional Polish mobiles made from rye straw and paper. Their history dates back to the mid-18th century. Suspended from a ceiling in a main room, amongst colourful paper cut-outs, paintings and paper flowers they became a popular decoration in Polish village houses.

They were made by women as decorations for their homes especially for Christmas, Easter, as well as for weddings and christenings.

Pajaki were a symbol of harvest and happiness in New Year. 

This beautiful pająk has been made in Kurpie region in Poland. Actually, pająk is called kierec over there. Kurpie is a famous region for its folklor - embroidery, wycinanki papercuts and papercraft. This type of kierec is characteristic for Kurpie - it was made with threaded peas and traditional round crepe paper flowers. 

Handmade especially for Folka by a great local artist Wiesława. 

Pająk will look amazing attached to the ceiling in your home. 

Materials: threaded peas, tissue paper, crepe paper, metal hoop, cotton thread. 

Measurements: approx. 70 cm (height) x 60 cm (width)

Today the tradition is practised less and less. Karolina Merska, owner of Folka keeps pajaki tradition alive. She published a book about pająki, she runs workshops and she collaborates with Polish artists to support them and to bring unique pająki to Folka especially for you!

If you are interested in buying it and your country is not listed in our online shop - apologies, we are still working on it. Please get in touch and we can arrange a shipment to you. 



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