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Ceramic Stout by Radosław

Ceramic Stout by Radosław

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Beautiful wall hanging ceramic stouts to keep your treasures. We are very excited to have them at Folka! 

Each stout is hand built and glazed by artist Radosław. His details, colours, and variety of ornaments is incredible. Each piece is unique. It's a real piece of art. 

Stout will look beautiful hanging on your wall. It can be your modern version of a wall shrine, where you hide your dear treasures. It's also perfect to keep your keys or grow a small succulent. 


1. Wheat details 23 cm x 10 cm

2. Plaited with a tree motif 20 cm x 10 cm 

3. Grapes and heart 25 cm x 12 cm

4. Green with a tree motif 28 cm x 8 cm

5. Blue with an angel 26 cm x 22 cm


Handmade in Poland. 



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