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Love from Lexi

Your Pajaki Collection Vinyl Sticker Set

Your Pajaki Collection Vinyl Sticker Set

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If you adore pajaki, now you can stick it anywhere you like! This set contains 5 various pajaki designs: 

- from Zalipie (with round and long, pinecone like paper flowers)                                                - by Karolina (with coral and brown pom poms)                                                                                 - by Genowefa (with bundles of rye straw and paper roses)                                                        - Colourful one with lovely stripes of paper. Discovered inside one of the wooden houses at the Open Air Folk Museum in Lublin                                                                                               - Geometric one, traditionally wrapped in a green crepe paper and decorated with small flowers. Discovered while visiting a library at the Folk Artists Association in Lublin              

Size: approx 10 cm x 15 cm each sticker


“Your Pajaki Collection” in collaboration with Love from Lexi is a celebration of an unique pajaki craft!

Pajaki (pah-yonk-ee) are traditional Polish chandeliers made from rye straw and paper. 

Their history dates back to the mid-18th century. Suspended from a ceiling in a main room, amongst colourful paper cut-outs, paintings and paper flowers they became a popular decoration in Polish village houses. They were made by women as decorations for their homes especially for Christmas, Easter, as well as for weddings and christenings.

Pajaki were a symbol of harvest and happiness in New Year.

Today the tradition is practised less and less. Karolina Merska, owner of Folka keeps pajaki tradition alive. 

Lexi is a illustrator and designer living in London. She is especially drawn to the home, interiors, objects and memories. Karolina has been admiring her joyful and colourful illustrations for a long time. Together, they designed a stationery collection featuring different pajaki from various parts of Poland. Each pajak has been hand painted by Lexi in her unique, nostalgic style.

"Your Pajaki Collection" consists of four different greeting cards, wrapping paper and stickers set! Hope you like them as much as we do.

Designed and printed in England. 



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