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Wooden Figures by Jadwiga

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 Lovely wooden figures, hand carved in linden and hand painted by a Polish folk artist Jadwiga. Jadwiga, now in her 90s still sculpts her favourites scenes - traditionally dressed women, various saints and devils. We love their simplicity, colour combinations and the fact that she always draws their eyes with a pen. 

Have a look and choose your favourite sculpture from a dropdown menu!

1. Woman in a hat sitting on a stool 

Height: 18 cm

2. Woman with a purple scarf and green dotty apron

Height: 14 cm

3. Woman with a red scarf and green apron

Height: 14 cm

4. Woman with a purple scarf and red apron

Height: 14 cm

5. Woman with a blue scarf and yellow dotty apron

Height: 14 cm 

6. Woman with a purple scarf and green apron

Height: 14 cm 

7. Woman with an orange scarf sitting on a stool

Height: 14 cm 

8. Madonna

Dimensions: 14 cmx 30 cm

9. Our Lady of Fatima 

Height: 24 cm

10. Our Lady of Fatima small

Height: 21 cm

11. Madonna 

Height: 23 cm

12. Jesus with a Rainbow 

Height: 20 cm

13. Pensive Christ (with a crown made of matches)

Height: 16 cm 

14. Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Height: 20 cm

15. Jesus in Risen (holding a plastic flag)

Height: 18 cm 

16. Lovely Angel 

Height: 14 cm 



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