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Lora Avedian

Stitch in Bloom: Botanical-Inspired Embroidery Projects for You and Your Home by Lora Avedian

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We've been admiring Lora's art for a long time and we are happy to sell her book! 

Stitch in Bloom is a gorgeous new embroidery book, celebrating the art of couching, an embellishment technique used to adorn fabrics. Artist and mixed-media textile designer, Lora Avedian demonstrates the versatility of this stitch using different materials to produce a range of finishes before showcasing 15 stunning projects to try yourself. Featuring ways you can enhance pre-owned garments and accessories, to creating statement pieces for the home, and with each design giving a nod to nature, this book will emphasise the beauty of this style of embroidery, the joy of stitching by hand and making with intention.

Lora Avedian is a London based multidisciplinary artist. She depicts elements of narrative through textile and craft processes. Lora uses traditional embroidery and embellishment techniques to make modern artefacts, which look as beautiful on the body as they do on a wall. She favours slow processes, focusing on short run and bespoke projects.

Lora’s work is grounded in history, inspired by antique textiles and folk costume, she often uses scrap and vintage materials to create her work.

Number of pages: 160 



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