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Emma Carlow x Metio

Spring Blooms Floral Tree of Life by Emma Carlow x Metio

Spring Blooms Floral Tree of Life by Emma Carlow x Metio

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Across cultures, the spring equinox represents rebirth, renewal, and the reawakening of nature after the dark of winter. Given such some of the symbols used to celebrate this time of year are flowers, trees in bud, baskets of flowers and trees of life full animals.

Inspiration for the design of Spring Blooms comes from several floral focused designs in the paper cutout collection given to the Museum of International Folk Art by Bureau of Indian Affairs teacher Mable Morrow during her work with the Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe of South Dakota (1923 -1937). The Native Americans of New England and the upper Midwest were making cutout silhouettes from birch bark before the first European settlers made contact with them. Cutouts served as patterns for beadwork, quillwork, and other ornaments to be applied to clothing, canoes, tools, and toys. Through trade with Europeans, these tribes obtained scissors, and their cutouts became more complex. Birch bark gave way to paper and cutouts began to be viewed not just as patterns, but as art.

This Spring Bloom flat pack is made of plywood and is unpainted. Enjoy it as is or paint your own version with a group of friends. Approximate dimensions of Spring Blooms 13 3/4 " tall.

Instructions included, but please note, for best results, we recommend you remove the ornament shapes and paint then before assembling them. 

Emma Carlow is an artist, designer and maker based in Lewes, East Sussex. She is inspired by folk art from around the world and the incredible craftsmanship displayed in objects that people used daily. Toys are her other passion. From dolls and animals of ancient Greece and Rome to the Galt toys from her childhood. She spends her time making things. ​

In celebration of folk art, creativity and joy, Pamela Kelly partnered with Emma Carlow to create Metio Studio. The idea underpinning the business is simple: have fun and make something.

At Metio Studio the making is focused on trees of life inspired by the craft traditions of the world. Every culture has its own version of a tree of life - a symbol embodying abundance, nature, fertility, renewal, joy, and celebration. They are often created to mark a seasonal celebration, a rite of passage or simply to be given as a gift. In many cases, the making of these objects is accomplished by small groups who are part of a community involved in, or sponsoring a celebration or ceremony.



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