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Paper Mache Tray with Bird in Black & White

Paper Mache Tray with Bird in Black & White

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We are excited to present a small collection of paper mache craft from India at Folka!

Lovely tray with a hand painted bird inside. Perfect for keeping all your treasures or display it on a shelf. 

Paper mache craft is still celebrated in Bihar region in India. Old papers are soaked in water for a few days until they start to decompose. The excess water is then squeezed out and the soaked paper is mixed with paper, straw, cloth to form a paste. Using paste, local artists hand build various animals (like cow, tiger, bird) and other objects like plates, bowls, even lamps. Later, they are uniquely painted on the outside - first in black & white (I think they are our favourites!) then primary colours might be added. 

Measurements: 16 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm

Hand built and then hand painted. Handcrafted in Bihar in India. 



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