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Paper Mache Cow with Green and Red Blanket

Paper Mache Cow with Green and Red Blanket

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We are excited to present a small collection of paper mache animals from India at Folka!

Beautiful and unique cow with hand painted geometric green and red blanket on her back. 

Paper mache craft is still celebrated in Bihar region in India. Old papers are soaked in water for a few days until they start to decompose. The excess water is then squeezed out and the soaked paper is mixed with paper, straw, cloth to form a paste. Using paste, local artists hand build various animals (like cow, tiger, bird) and other objects like plates, bowls, even lamps. Later, they are uniquely painted on the outside - first in black & white (I think they are our favourites!) then primary colours might be added. 

Measurements: 18 cm x 10 cm x 9 cm 

Hand built and then hand painted. Handcrafted in Bihar in India. 



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