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Wooden Animals by Józef

Wooden Animals by Józef

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Wooden dog and stork outside the house always welcome me when I visit Józef. He lives in a lovely, old house in a rural village in Poland. Józef is a self taught artist. After working hard all his life as a carpenter and on his farm, he started sculpting various animals using wood he finds in a forest. Stork, chickens, goose, squirrels, hoopoe birds are his favourites. 

Each animal is unique. Some of them might have pencil or paint marks, rough edges, visible nails, missing matches (hoopoes head). Please see added photographs. There are not faulty. This is their charm and beauty. There are unique pieces of art made by Józef in his genuine style.

Please note: Stork can only be shipped within the UK due to its dimensions.

Measurements: (height x length)

Hoopoe: 35 cm x 23 cm
Squirrel: 24cm x 25 cm 
Cat: 35 cm x 50 cm
Dove: 30 cm x 21 cm                                                                                                                          Duck: 40 cm x 36 cm                                                                                                                      Stork: 91 cm x 82 cm 
Crane: 90 cm x 80 cm



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