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Spiral Vilnius Palm

Spiral Vilnius Palm

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Beautiful Easter Palm made with colourful dried flowers, straw and grass. Each Easter Palm is handmade near Vilnius by Agata.

Lithuanian Easter Palms, called “Verbos” are exquisite. Tradition of making Easter Palms has a very long history, especially in villages near Vilnius. The most popular one is in a shape of a roller with a geometric, spiral pattern. Variety of patterns created with using dried flowers is incredible - scalloped details, round crowns, leaves. Each flower is attached by hand using string, without any glue. Wooden stick is hand carved. 

Agata has been taught to make by her grandmother. Nowadays, she makes palms with her mum in her house near Vilnius.

Please note - each Palm is different and unique so you will receive a similar Palm in this shape. 

Dimension: approx. 50 cm height

Perfect to display it in a vase, hanging on a wall or lay it against a wall by a fireplace.

One week before Easter, on Sunday Palm, the palms are blessed in the church. Tradition says that they should be kept for the whole year to protect the house from all evil.

Other superstitions say that after you’re back from the church you should walk around your house 3 times carrying the Easter palm before entering the house to have a good year; gently slap your cows with the easter palm so they will give you lots of milk in return. Most importantly is not to forget to swallow a catkin from your easter palm as it will protect you from getting a sore throat.



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