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Paper Chandelier by Edward

Paper Chandelier by Edward

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Unique mini paper chandelier made by a folk artist Edward.

He was taught by his grandfather how to make them. He still continues this beautiful tradition and Folka is happy to support Edward and have them each season. It will look beautiful on your Christmas tree. Although, we think it's not only for Christmas! It will decorate your studio, house beautifully through a whole year. 

Each chandelier is made from hand cut, then folded and glued paper geometric structures. Then Edward constructs straw and beads arms and decorates it with lovely beaded hanging arms all around. So much precision, experience and love goes into each chandelier! 

Please note, each mini chandelier is unique and colourful. You might receive a different colour scheme like from the photos. 

Measurements: approx 20 cm x 15 cm

Handmade in Poland



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