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Karolina Merska

Pajaki Making Workshop

Pajaki Making Workshop

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Join Karolina for a Pajaki Making Workshop in her dreamy studio! 

 During the workshop Karolina will introduce you to a rich history of Polish rye and straw chandeliers called “pająki.”

Surrounded by Karolina's colourful pająki and her private folk art collection - Easter Palms, paper flowers, wycinanki papercuts and many more, you will create your own unique pająk. 

Pajaki (pah-yonk-ee) are traditional Polish chandeliers made from rye straw and paper. Their history dates back to the mid-18th century. Made by country women as decorations for their homes especially for Christmas, Easter, as well as for weddings and christenings. Suspended from a ceiling in a main room, amongst colourful paper cut-outs, paintings and paper flowers they became a popular decoration in polish village houses.
They were a symbol of harvest and happiness in New Year.
Today the tradition is practised less and less. Karolina keeps pajaki tradition alive.

 During the workshop you will make a pająk decorated with 5 kalinka pompoms. By the end of a workshop you will learn some new unique skills and take a beautiful and unique pająk with you to decorate your house.

 Workshop is run in a small group. It gives enough time for Karolina to spend time with each participant to present and practice secrets on how to make the best pajaki.

Working with paper is also very relaxing and improves your wellbeing.

Date: 25th May 2024
  Times: 11am - 6pm
Hackney Wick
Tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks will be served during the workshop. All materials are provided.
 Tickets are non refundable. 
In a case of not enough interest in the workshop, it can be postponed to other dates. 



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