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Kurek Dyngusowy / Dyngus Cockerel Papercut by Maria

Kurek Dyngusowy / Dyngus Cockerel Papercut by Maria

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Beautiful, intricate papercut “Kurek Dyngusowy" / "Dyngus Cockerel" handcrafted by artist Maria. This papercut celebrates Easter custom and it has been made especially for Folka.

Polish papercut, called wycinanka has been a popular folk craft since the XIXth century. Traditionally, they have been used to decorate interiors of Polish countryside homes. Their shapes, colours depend on the region. The most popular wycinanki are from Kurpie and Łowicz.

Łowicz is a city famous for its rich folklore - embroidered folk costumes, pajaki chandeliers and paper cuts. There are 3 types of wycinanka: round one, similar to a snowflake called “gwiozda”, “tasiemka” made of two stripes of paper and “kodra” horizontal rectangular, which you can see on a photo.

Traditional customs, scenes from rural life, peacocks and cockerels facing each other, flowers were popular motifs. Each scene is build from layers of coloured paper, glued on a white, rectangular thick paper.

Artist Maria still continues this beautiful and unique tradition in Lowicz region. She is such a talented artist, we adore her imaginative scene settings, dialogues and intricate details.
This “kodra” is an original piece of art and each tiny element was hand cut by Maria using sheep sheers and then glued into a white cardboard.

Papercut will look great framed, hanging on a wall or displayed on a shelf.

Measurements: 70 cm x 30 cm

Please note that you will receive the papercut presenting the same theme, although colours and some details might vary as each wycinanka is unique.



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