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Floral Bouquet Embroidered Cushion Cover by Teresa

Floral Bouquet Embroidered Cushion Cover by Teresa

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Such a beautiful cushion cover hand embroidered by a folk artist Teresa. It looks like a painting! It was inspired by an old papercut pattern. 

Folka is excited to present this unique collection of hand embroidered cushion covers. They feature various scenes or floral motifs. We love Teresa’s imagination. She is inspired by old folk papercuts, motifs and nature. She loves flowers.

Each cushion is made 100% by hand. Teresa doesn’t use machine at all. Everything is hand stitched, have a look at the back of a cushion. 

Material: vintage linen, cotton or damasks (linen & silk).

Measurements: 57 cm x 43 cm

Handmade in Poland. 



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