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Didukh Ukrainian Straw Christmas Decoration

Didukh Ukrainian Straw Christmas Decoration

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Didukh is a traditional Ukrainian Christmas decoration. It is made from the last stalk of wheat harvested earlier during the summer. It can be decorated with dried flowers, colourful ribbons, pleated straw ornaments.

Didukh translates as “the eldest; grandfather”, it symbolises an ancestral spirit. Brought to the house on the 6th January, as soon as the first Christmas tree appears on the sky. In honor of ancestor’s spirits, a pot with kutia (poppy seeds, honey, walnuts and raisins) and uzvar (dried fruit compote) was put next to the Didukh. It supposed to bring welfare, peace, joy, family unity as well as to protect the family from any evil spirits. Thanks to its 3 legs, it stands firmly representing the roots, the world of the dead.

Didukh was kept in the house until the New Year. Then, the straw was burned so the souls of the dead, who visited the family during Christmas, could return to heaven. It can’t be thrown away as it symbolises the link between the generations.

Each year in January, there is a festive procession in Lviv with a 3 metres tall didukh which is later presented in the city centre.


small 18 cm x 37 cm

medium 22 cm x 50 cm 

large 30 cm x 70 cm

Each Didukh was made by an Ukrainian artist Anna. 



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