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Avenida Home

Bambi Tray by Avenida Home

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This square birch wood tray features a beautifully painted deer surrounded by colourful plants, on a vivid pink background.

This Bambi tray is perfect for someone with a penchant for vintage modern, an eye for unconventional style, a fondness for woodland animals or a love for all things natural. It's ideal for sandwiches, drinks or as an eye-catching decorative accessory.

Measurements: 33 x 33 cm

Natural birch wood back                                                                                                            Protective melamine coating                                                                                                              Can be used with food                                                                                                                Dishwasher friendly                                                                                                                   

Handmade in Sweden

Avenida Home was founded by Isabel Saiz is based in Bath in England. Avenida translates from Spanish to ‘avenue’, which evokes feelings of discovery. Each product starts with an original artwork that is then beautifully crafted into quality homeware. Their pieces add a true sense of wonder to your home.



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