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Wooden Shrine by Maria

Wooden Shrine by Maria

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Travelling through the Polish countryside you can spot lovely roadside shrines. Usually erected by a crossroad, pathway, under the tree, by the river. Made from wood, metal, stone or brick (modern ones). 

Figure of the saint - very often it's the Virgin Mary, John of Nepomuk or Florian, is adorned with colourful bouquets and faux flower garlands. I love the ones decorated with ribbons - especially on a windy day. People believed they had a protective power against cataclysms (like fire or flood), evil forces and demons. They also meant to celebrate miracles or important events.

They became an integral part of the Polish landscape. 

These delicate, humble, tiny wooden shrines are real treasures. Each one is beautifully hand crafted and hand painted by a Polish artist Maria.

Shrine will bring a piece of magic to your home. 


1. Approx 15 cm x 16 cm

2. Approx 15 cm x 16 cm 

3. Approx 15 cm x 6 cm 

4. Approx 21 cm x 8 cm



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