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Museum Reproductions

Scarab Necklace by Museum Reproductions

Scarab Necklace by Museum Reproductions

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Lovely necklace with a scarab amulet.

The ancient Egyptians attached great religious significance to the combination of lapis and gold and to the humble scarab beetle, a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. Regalia made of gold and lapis was believed to place the wearer under the protection of the sun and heaven. Gold was regarded as a divine metal relating to the ancient Egyptian sun god, Re.

Materials: Gold finish pewter charm with 18" gold plated brass chain

Comes in an original pouch inside of Folka gift box.

Made in United States of America

Museum Reproductions has been creating jewellery for the museum gift store industry since 1969. Their designs are influenced by jewellery and artwork found in museums around the world. We love that they work hand in hand with museums, curators and other creators to make new pieces regularly.



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