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Deborah Schneebeli Morrell

Gypsy Wooden Flower by Deborah Schneebeli Morrell

Gypsy Wooden Flower by Deborah Schneebeli Morrell

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Unique flower hand carved in wood with a knife. It is called “gypsy” as it used to be made by gypsy travellers.

“Gypsy Travellers were an essential part of the local agricultural workforce. Starting in late spring, the travellers moved throughout the summer and autumn from farm to farm as each crop needed harvesting. In winter, they earned money by making wooden clothes pegs, primrose baskets or decorative wooden flowers and selling them from door to door.” M J & B D Chappell. April 2003. The History of Gypsy Travellers in Britain.

Each flower is unique. It looks pretty in a vase as a single stem or in a bouquet.

Measurements: flower approx. 6 cm, stem length 40 cm (it can be trimmed)

Deborah Schneebeli Morrell is an artist living in London. She has always been interested in making things and love to explore different materials. Deborah takes inspiration from folklore and surrounding nature. In the last years she has also discovered spoon carving (we also sell her beautifully hancrafted spoons). She is interested in the value and meaning of making.



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