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Museum Reproductions

Scythian Leopard Brooch by Museum Reproductions

Scythian Leopard Brooch by Museum Reproductions

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Lovely Leopard brooch.

This brooch was inspired by an original museum piece from Ukraine 5th Century, B.C. Every Scythian warrior carried a bow case and quiver (gorotoi). Most of them were made of wood and leather; hence very few remain. Whereas ordinary Scythians were buried with a single, typically unornamented case, the graves of wealthier warriors contain as many as sixteen gorotoi decorated with animal plaques in gold relief. Our stag was found in 1969 together with other decorative gold plaques in the form of boars, and dogs.


Materials: Pewter with antique gold finish

Comes in an original pouch inside of Folka gift box.

Museum Reproductions was founded in 1969. Their designs are influenced by jewellery and artwork found in museums around the world. We love that they work hand in hand with museums, curators and other creators to make new pieces regularly.

Made in United States of America



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